Product Features

Advanced customer insights

Buyer persona classification
Powered by machine learning

Selma can automatically find clusters of customers who belong together based on their product interests, buying behavior and sociodemographic profile. 

  • Shapes customer archetypes based on that data
  • Determines which persona matches each individual customer 
  • Dynamic: evolves when your business or customer’s tastes change can also help your marketing & communications team by providing data-driven descriptions of your personas.

Purchase Probability/Churn prediction
Powered by machine learning

Selma applies algorithms to detect patterns in your customers’ buying behavior that help predict when they will buy next (or not…).  Make a more informed decision about

  • Who to include into that retention-focused direct mailing
  • Who to send a conversion-focused upsell message


Selma includes AI out of the box 

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Visual customer segmentations

Product affinity
Powered by machine learning

Selma identifies which products belong together based on the buying behavior of your customers. 

Match product attributes like brand, color, material,... with a specific part of your customer base. Selma uses advanced clustering algorithms and updates automatically.

RFM analysis

An RFM cube is a simple yet powerful segmentation framework used in retail to steer loyalty programs and discount tactics. For each customer, Selma calculates the time since

  • the latest purchase (Recency)
  • the number of purchases in a set time window (Frequency)
  • the total spend during that time window (Monetary value)

Based on these three metrics, customers are segmented into behavioral groups like ‘Loyal’, ‘Sleepers’ & ‘Red Alert’. Selma updates your RFM cube every day.

Customer journey analysis 

  • How well did your acquistion campaign from six months ago work?
  • How many of those newfound customers already became loyal buyers?
  • How many need an additional nudge? 

Find out with Selma’s unique customer journey view. Because Selma calculates the RFM metrics for each customer every day, Selma can show you the evolution of customer groups through RFM segments.

Engagement scoring
Powered by advanced analytics 

With Selma, you can target the customers who are currently most/least engaged with your web or email channels.

  • Identify fast customers that are gaining or losing traction
  • Respond appropriately with a conversion-driven or re-engaging message

Based on buying behavior and interaction with online marketing materials, you get an up-to-date engagement score for each individual customer.

Shop performance

The Shop Map allows you to target those customers who made a purchase in a specific shop (both online and offline shops are supported) so you can launch location-specific promotions.

  • Get an at-a-glance view of which shops are your top-performers and which ones require your attention. 
  • View shop-specific metrics like average ticket size, total revenue, number of unique customers etc.

Segment Builder
Powered by advanced analytics

Do you want to dive deep into your customer base? With combined filtering you can create micro segments based on detailed behavioral parameters.

 Flexibly combine:

  • Product affinity
  • RFM metrics
  • Engagement rate
  • Location

And find the optimal target group for your marketing activity.

Control groups

Would you like to measure the ROI of a marketing campaign? Interested in conducting a marketing experiment?

Use Selma’s ability to generate control groups:

  1. Define the desired size of the control group yourself 
  2. Export as csv
  3. Apply chosen marketing tactic to the target group & generic tactic (or nothing at all) for the control group
  4. Measure impact after the observation period

Process Automation

Selma continuously updates behavioral metrics for each of your individual customers and makes it easy to find segments based on these metrics through our intuitive user interface. But for those occasions where you just need to get to the data as quickly as possible, Selma provides the capability to get daily exports of all customer metrics.

You want to use Selma’s metrics for trigger-based campaigns? No problem!
You want to use Selma’s data as a source for business analysis? We got you covered.

Selma includes AI out of the box 

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Professional services

Data-driven persona definition

Selma identifies personas and classifies customers into these archetypes using automated machine learning algorithms. 

  • Get detailed buyer persona based on the dimensions and categories of your own dataset
  • Find out which product labels, customer data columns etc. matter most to differentiate between customers.

This is perfect input for creation of moodboards that creatives use to develop content tailored to one or more personas.

Custom campaign optimization

Would you like to optimize the targeting of one or more campaigns but not quite sure how to tackle it?’s marketing & data scientists are ready to help you by setting up experiments, analyzing the results and providing recommendations for future campaigns. We’ll help you get more out of Selma and your marketing budget.

Discover how we helped Schoenen Torfs get more out of their sales.

Customer data enrichment’s data science team uses cutting edge technology to develop Selma’s intelligence. We can help you improve the base quality of your data and therefore, the success rate of your data-driven marketing efforts. We have tooling to help you achieve the following:

  • Get a cleaned version of my customers’ post address (remove those pesky data entry errors and ensure the deliverability of your physical mailings)
  • Predict age range and gender of my customers (age and gender are two of the most popular socio-demographic segmentation dimensions, but are often not available)
  • Family composition: if your company has a set of customers for which family composition is known, we can help by extrapolating these insights to other customers for which this information is not known.


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