What's different?

Short Time to Value

Increase your business return by unlocking all the valuable information in your data in a matter of days.

Reasons why:

  • We are cloud-based
  • Our features are available out of the box 
  • We are non disruptive for your IT
  • And plug-in to your existing systems
  • You pay as you grow (no big bang)
  • Starting with one set e.g. POS data


We unlock the value of your data by using analytics and machine learning and make it available out of the box.

Reasons why:

  • RFM modeling
  • Discount sensitivity
  • Customer clustering
  • Product affinities
  • Probability to buy
  • CLV

Self service

We focus on the usability of the application by the business user, enabling self service.

Reasons why:

  • Intuitive
  • Non technical interface
  • Easy audience selection
  • No involvement of IT 
  • No involvement of data scientists

+10% revenue

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